Sunny's Olive Tree is a family run business with a stall in Whitecross Street market. We supply to individuals, selling tasty olives, salads and oils.

What makes our olives so delicious? Every year we meet with our growers in Turkey, tour the olive groves, and select the very best produce. All our olives are cured locally to our own special recipe. The olives together with our impossibly sweet sun dried tomatoes are then carefully packed and shipped to England ready for you to enjoy. If you would like to know more about our olives just ask - it's our favourite topic!

Fresh & Tasty

Our salads are freshly prepared every day, right here at the stall. All of our salads are made from scratch using the healthiest of products including fresh herbs and we do not use animal fat or anything artificial. Our salads contain only cold pressed olive oil and we create all our sauces (for the olives) ourself. All this and more makes ours the freshest salad you can find!

The salads we make are known to be the most succulent, delicious and crunchy lunch boxes you can find, our variety of 10 different olives, and 16 different salad types makes our salads great value and extremely tasty all at once, can you name anything better?

Our Olives

We source our olives direct from Turkey - to see our suppliers click here

Private Parties

We cater for parties and special occasions. Please contact us to discuss your menu requirements and we will provide a no obligation quotation. We only use the freshest ingredients and can tailor our prepared salads and sandwiches to your preferences and the number you need to cater for. Call us on 0795 693 8194