A Little Bit Chilly.

February 23rd, 2013

We thought that the snow was over but just when we were getting ready for summer, there’s more snow! Of course we’ll still be coming to work, if you think a little snow will stop us, then you’ve got another thing coming! Hope your all enjoying the salads, If you haven’t already, then follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for important updates!

Another new product!

February 10th, 2013

Hey guys! The blog is back again! Hope you’ve all been enjoying the weekend and have been waiting for us to be back tomorrow! We’ve been working on a new salad and it will be be appearing for the first time tomorrow. Head over to our twitter page or facebook page to find out what this new salad is, or you’ll just have to wait!


February 1st, 2013

A big thank you to everyone who returned to us through last week and this week, even through all the rain and snow! We’ve now made it through the second week and we promise to make it through the next full year :D. We hope your enjoying all the lovely salads, if you have any enquiries then send us an email at!