Nutritional Information

What’s in your box (or, the orientative data regarding the nutritional value of a regular Sunny’s salad box)

Food name Serving size Calories Fat Cholesterol Salt Potassium Carbs Protein
Iceberg lettuce 30g 5.6 0.04g 0mg 3mg 42.3mg 0.9g 0.3g
Red cabbage 70g 22 0.11g 0mg 19mg 170mg 5.16g 1g
Potatoes 35g 30 0.03g 0mg 84mg 115mg 7g 0.6g
Couscous 80g 90 0.13g 0mg 4mg 46mg 18.75g 3g
Cherry tomatoes 130g 24 0.3g 0mg 6mg 230mg 5.23g 0.9g
Kidney beans 55g 47 0.18g 0mg 187.55mg 141mg 8.57g 3g
Hummus 1tbsp 23 1g 0mg 53mg 32mg 2g 1g
Sun-dried tomatoes 2 pieces 10 0.12g 0mg 84mg 138mg 2.24g 0.5g
Roasted red pepper 15g 17 0g 0mg 140mg 2.5g 0.5g
Stuffed vine leaves 1 roll 67 1.7g 0mg 4.4g 8.7g
Mixed veg* 40g 28 0.29g 0mg 108mg 122.5mg 6.03g 1.41g
Carrots* 40g 16 0.09g 0mg 27.6mg 128mg 3.83g 0.4g
Green beans & carrtos* 35g 12 0.1g 0mg 0.3mg 51.1mg 2.8g 0.7g
Courgette* 80g 13 0g 0mg 2.4mg 202.4mg 3.1g 0.5g
Fennel* 20g 6 0.04g 0mg 10mg 82.8mg 1.5g 0.2g
Radishes* 10g 2 0.01g 0mg 4mg 23.3mg 0.3g 0.1g
Lentil & yogurt salad* 120g 54 0.18g 0.4mg 24mg 178mg 8.8g 4.43g
Green peas* 35g 29 0.1g 0mg 1mg 94.9mg 5.5g 1.9g
Quina* 70g 85 1.3g 0mg 7mg 167.7mg 15.6g 3g
Beets* 50g 22 0.1g 0mg 39mg 152.5mg 5g 0.8g
Tzatziki* 1tbsp 20 1g 1g 1.5g
Pitted plain green olives** 30g 47 3.8g 0mg 216mg 1.9g 0g
Feta cheese** 15g 40 3.2g 13mg 167mg 9.3mg 0.6g 2.1g

Every salad box comes with Lettuce, Red cabbage, Potatoes, Beans, Sun-dried tomatoes, Roasted Red pepper, Stuffed vine leaves, Humas dressing and Bread
*Additional combinations introduced on a daily basis.
** Sunny's famous olives and creamy Feta extra